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The Same Class , "Different" Colorful


The summary of demonstration classes in December


      In December , the heterogeneous activities between Chinese English teachers and Foreign teachers were successfully concluded. It lasted about two weeks, and over those two weeks, we have seen that the organization level of heterogeneous activities has been greatly improved compared with last year. It also can be seen that both Chinese and foreign English teachers have devoted a lot of efforts for this activity. Moreover, it fully demonstrated the teaching level and ability of all English teachers. The teaching material for this activity is Longman welcome to English.





   The first pair of teachers to share their lessons were Stuart and Suzy. The topic for their classes was: Chapter 4 My Pencil casepart C.

   First of all, teacher Stuart showed us a very complete and interesting English reading class which included singing, listening, speaking, reading and writing in oxford 1 class 2.He began his lesson with an English song to review the letters. After review, Stuart moved into his per-reading part. Students made sentences by using the key words on the board to free talk. Mr.Stuart designed many different tasks to practice for reading. Such as,correct the sentences, listen and write,and so on .Finally, Stuart lead his class in reading in a number of ways . Step by step, one by one. We can see the whole design and structure is so clear and obvious. Comparing with Miss Suzy, it seems that teacher Stuart’s class focused more on the using of words and sentences. In contrast, teacher Suzy’s class spent more time working with the understanding of the story. We can see that the teachers’ teaching style are totally different from these two classes but both were very effective.

      第一组同课异构的老师分别是外教Stuart和中教Suzy(张娟兰)老师。她们所讲的题目是:Chapter 4 My Pencil case, 3 课时,小故事部分。首先,Stuart老师在牛津一(2)班给我们展示了一节非常完整有趣的英文故事阅读课。先从歌曲导入,紧接着给出关键词让孩子来自由发言。再接着是连词成句,听音写词的练习来进行旧知复习。Stuart老师通过游戏猜一猜环节导入到新课主题,设计单词,句型的操练活动为孩子们扫清阅读障碍,最后到故事的阅读和理解。层层递进,环环相扣。与Suzy老师的课相比,Stuart老师的课更侧重于单词,句型的学习与运用,而Mandy老师的课则更侧重故事的学习和欣赏。风格各异,却各有千秋。



     The second pair of teachers with the same topic was Freddy and Ann. The topic for their classes was:A Public Holiday. They each gave high quality English lessons in Class 5and Class 2 for Grade 3 respectively. Teacher Freddy’s class was well prepared for a longtime, which is  active and creative. Task based teaching was been well showed in teacher Ann’s demo class, which is an effective class.

       第二组同课异构的老师是外教Freddy和中教Ann(杨小玲)老师. 她们此次的课题是:A public holiday. Part C. Freddy和中教Ann(杨小玲)老师分别在国55)和国52)各上了一节高质量,高水准的英语课,各有亮点。然而风格确是完全不同,Freddy老师通过视频导入课题,操练课本重点句型,if条件句,给出话题,创设情境,注重孩子们的口语表达。课堂设计生动活泼,学生积极参与。中教Ann(杨小玲)老师采用任务型教学,的课则更稳重,十分高效。



     The last pair of teachers to present their lessons were Chantale and Maya. Their topic for the class was A Trip to the Beach. Part E. Unlike the previous lessons,the teaching styles of these two classes used are quite different when compared with the lower grades. The atmosphere of teacher Ariel’s class was quite relaxed. She began her class with a review of words . Then moved to sentences, and the key points in this class .After that, Chantalle guided the students to consolidate the knowledge in different activities. Teacher Maya, on the other hand, created a certain atmosphere to combine what the kids learned in class with the thing in our real life. The kids can apply everything they have learned to the actual production.The objectives of teacher Chantalle’s class were clear and effective but there seemed to be deeper context and comprehension in teacher Maya’s class. So, that’s the difference between them.

    此次活动最后一组同课异构的老师是外教Chantalle 和中教Maya. 她们此次的话题是:”A trip to the beach. Part E部分,相对前面的老师们而言,她们的风格显得又有些不同了。Chantalle老师的这节课营造了一个相对轻松的一个学习氛围。从词到句,由浅入深。开展各种形式的趣味课堂活动来巩固课堂所学重点内容,孩子们在玩中学。而Maya老师则是创设情境,让孩子们在书中所学内容切实和孩子们的现实生活联系起来,让孩子们学能致用。两者相对而言,前者目的明确,而后者则更有意境。




      Later, teachers Janelle , Chanelle and Omar, a presented their demonstration classes in turn.

      Through this shared activity, teachers have deeply realized that "two different teachers teach the same topic" creates a platform to discuss teaching ideas, exchange teaching design, and display their personal teaching styles. It is an effective way to do teaching and research discussion.In this activity, both the instructor and the listeners have benefited greatly.As an instructor, you not only can show your teaching ability on stage but also can compare and exchange ideas. As a listener, you can see the multi-angle and omni-directional thinking from the sparks of several teachers which allows each teacher to reflect on their own teaching practice, thus you can effectively promote professional growth as a teacher.

     The foreign teachers would start a new round of classes with the advice we talked this time. Let’s look forward to them.   

    随后外教 Janelle , Chanelle and Omar,依次进行了本月的展示课.通过此次展示课活动,使教师们深刻地体会到:同课异构作为一种教学研讨形式,为我们广大教师搭建了一个畅谈教学思想、交流教学设计和展示教学风格的平台,是一种有效的教研方式。在活动中,无论是对于执教者还是听课者,都受益匪浅。作为执教者,不但能在课堂教学的大舞台上尽显所能,而且还可以在相互的比较和学习中,充分认识到自己对教材的理解和处理等方面与他人的差异,从而达到优势互补、相互切磋与共同提高的目的。而作为听课者,不但能从几位老师智慧火花的迸射中有了对教学活动多角度、全方位的思考,而且还能结合自身教学实践进行教学反思,从而有效地促进了教师专业化成长。




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